Mobile Responsive eBay HTML Listing Template : Robi (Logo)


This is the Robi, The minimal Mobile Responsive eBay HTML Listing Template.


This is the Robi , The minimal Mobile Responsive eBay HTML Listing Template. This template have logo in header. It have the following sections

  1. Logo (logo at top)
  2. Product Title
  3. Image Gallery
  4. Product Description
  5. Shipping Section
  6. Returns Section
  7. Payment Section
  8. Feedback Section
  9. Support Section

In the each information section, there is an icon to use.

The features of this template are following

  • According to eBay New rules
  • Editable, Customize-able, Easy Changeable
  • Simple template with Images
  • IMAGE gallery
  • Unlimited revision
  • Guidance to use of template
  • Video Tutorial
  • Free IMAGE hosting
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Fully Editable Header
  • Professional and simple templates
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Respect

It’s easily editable and changeable. You can change the header icons, logo and text easily.

Additional information

How to Edit

You can just do it from the Pro template editor page. Please follow the steps.

  • Go to the Pro template editor page.
  • Paste all code that you already copied or press Ctrl+v in the HTML code area
  • At the “Theme Color” section, please choose your color of the theme
  • At the “Logo or Banner & Shop Link” section, put your Shop logo, and shop link. If you don’t have any store or shop, leave it blank. The logo size will be (2in X 1.5in).
  • At the title, please put the product title
  • At the “Images in Image Gallery” section, please paste your product images URL. If you downloaded code with 3 image in the gallery then you need to put 3 images. Leave others banlk.
  • For the footer section, please put your footer logo (2in X 1.5in).
  • Click “Generate HTML” button. It will open a new box
  • At the box, you can see the rich text editor. You can simply collect your code from code box or you can edit it again from the editor. After editing, collect the code from source.
  • Collect your HTML template code and use it into the ebay’s description area.


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