eBay HTML Listing Template Editor for Fiverr

This is the pro eBay HTML listing template editor for your eBay store. You can use this eBay HTML listing template generator to generate your listing template or auction template. Edit your downloaded template here. Please use the instruction at the right side or provided via order.

Fill the Following Information of Your Template

Paste HTML source code in the following box

Paste the HTML source code

Please Fill Only The information You Need and I sent you a list of required information for your template.

Paste your image URL’s here

Tutorial to use template

Please follow the following instructions to to complete your template

To place an order, please follow the following steps.

  • Please visit our ebay HTML listing template
  • Choose your template that you want to get.
  • Choose options like images in the gallery.
  • Click on add to cart.
  • Go to the cart and review you selected product.
  • Click on Proceed to checkout button
  • It will go to the checkout page, fill the billing details and to create account, select your username and password. You need to create the account because the pro template editor is accessible for members only. If you have an existing account, please login from top of the page.
  • Select your payment method. We prefer to use 2checkout.
  • Click on the PLACE ORDER button
  • After successful payment, it will go to the order received page.
  • Also, you can manage your orders from my account or order page
  • You can download the template code from Downloads Click on the file name under Download column. You will get the file as .txt extension.

You can upload images in free server like imgbb.com or postimages.org. Just create your account to save your images and start uploading. Collect direct image link or you can open the image and right click on the image and copy the image location.

To pent the HTML code, steps are following

  • Download the .txt file
  • Double click on the .txt file
  • It will open in notepad for windows and TextEdit for mac-OS.
  • Select all the code and press Ctrl+c to copy the code.

Yes, you can just do it from the Pro template editor page. Please follow the steps.

  • Go to the Pro template editor page.
  • Paste all code that you already copied or press Ctrl+v in the HTML code area
  • At the “Theme Color” section, please choose your color of the theme
  • At the “Logo or Banner & Shop Link” section, put your Shop logo, and shop link. If you don’t have any store or shop, leave it blank. The logo size will be (2in X 1.5in).
  • At the title and description section, please put the product title and the description of the product
  • At the “Images in Image Gallery” section, please paste your product images URL. If you downloaded code with 3 image in the gallery then you need to put 3 images. Leave others banlk.
  • For the Shipping, Returns, Payment, Feedback and Contact Tab information area, put the related information that you want to show in that section.
  • For the footer section, please put your footer logo (2in X 1.5in).
  • Click “Generate HTML & Preview” button. It will open a new page
  • At the page, you can see the rich text editor. You can simply collect your code from code box or you can edit it again from the editor. After editing, collect the code from source.
  • Collect your HTML template code and use it into the ebay’s description area.